14 January 2004
"Hockey" litter


Ch Seri x Multi BISS and Multi Ch Barancourt van de Weyenberg


Name Orthopedic Results Other Health Tests  
Hickory's Great One aka "Gretzky"

OFA Mild Hips
Affected Elbows (DJD III)

Suspected Hock OCD

Clear CERF

Gretzky is our big boy from this litter. Gretz moved to Florida and spends his time trying to keep cool and hanging out with Cabo, his best bud who is a half Hickory Kid (Einstein x Heidi).

Gretz is about the biggest Berner boy we have ever seen. He was a HUGE and "loosey goosey" pup. We consulted our breeder friends in Europe (breeders of his mother, father, grandparents and great-grand parents) and the vets at MSU and they all agreed that he is a big boy with big bones and that needs time to grow up and into himself. We had hoped he would "come together" as he aged and that we could get him in the show ring someday. We are told that he remains loose in his movement so he will likely stay at home and live the pet dog lifestyle.

Hickory's K-Wing Wild aka "Kali"

PennHip below the 50th percentile
Not official but Hips looked "okay" and elbows looked clear at 8 months of age

Requests for Final OFAs have been sent to her owner

Clear CERF

We placed Kali because her hips were lax on her PennHip. The "OFA" view of her hips looked "okay" per the vet, probably a fair at that time but her DI was too high at that time for consideration for future show and breeding potential. Her elbows looked clear. Kali lives near Hickory Corners, Michigan, the original home of Hickory BMDs. She is a family dog and spends her time hanging with her Mom Babette, her best bud a Soft Coated Wheaton Terrier and a couple of kids.

Ch Hickory's Breaking the Ice aka "Emmett"

OFA Moderate Hips
Affected Elbows (DJD III)

PennHip 0.42/0.38
80th Percentile

Clear CERF

Emmett is owned by Sue Wellenstein of Bugziere Bernese Mountain Dogs in Oshkosh, Wisconsin.

Emmett had a big win at the '05 BMDCA national specialty in Gettysburg, PA, taking Best Senior Puppy in Sweeps.

Emmett took WD/BOW both days at the 2006 Wisconsin Regional Specialty for two 5 point majors.

Emmett took WB/BOW and an Award of Merit for another 5 point major and to finish his Championship at the 2007 Wisconsin Regional Specialty

Emmett is an exceptional boy in type, structure and movement and is about the cutest and sweetest boy we know. Thanks to Sue for doing such a great job with him!

Hickory's Boston Bruin aka "Bruin" OFA Moderate Hips
0/1 Elbows (Unilateral Affected -- (DJD I)
Clear CERF

Bruin lives in Cape Cod, Mass with his Mom Sue and little sister/cousin "T" a fellow Hickory kid (Bayley x Ivan).

Bruin did not clear orthopedics so he was neutered.

Hickory's Grand Rapids Griffin aka "Griffin" Requests for OFAs have been sent to owners Clear CERF Griffin grew up as a mountain dog in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado but moved with his family to Tennessee. Griffin spends his time as a family dog hanging out with a couple of kids.
Hickory's Chicago Hat Trick aka "Riley" ---- Clear CERF Sadly, Riley passed away at the age of 9 months from complications from intestinal surgery after eating a sock.