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Ch Eur-Am's Einstein Baer CGC, TDI, HIC

Einstein in his Veteran Debut at the BMDC of Northern California Regional Specialty
Best Veteran in Sweeps!!

9 May 1999 - 15 November 2007*

We had to help a our dear friend leave this life and cross the Rainbow Bridge where he was met
by Curie and Seri. I take comfort in knowing that the original 3 Hickory Kids have been reunited
and that Einstein is currently being bossed around by Curie and Seri is pestering him like all good little sisters do.
I'm certain he is loving every minute of it!

Faithful partners in crime
Einstein at almost 3 years, Seri at 10 weeks and Curie at 4.5 years

Today is a new day in the Hickory House and marks the start of a new era of sorts.
Our first three berners, Curie, Einstein and Seri have left us but they will always remain in our hearts and never be forgotten.

Einstein and Seri's legacies will live on through their children and grandchildren.
Curie never had children but her spirit and memory will live on and none of them can or ever will be forgotten.

These wonderful creatures add so much to our lives. They give us all they have to give and they give their love freely, wholeheartedly with no strings attached. They do not judge, gossip, or speak badly of anyone. Many people could learn a lot from their dogs and the world would be a better place if people lived by the examples set by our canine companions.

*Einstein's necropsy diagnosed him as having "Bronchiolar Alveolar Carcinoma", essentially, he had lung cancer. The cancer was initially identified in July of 2007 per xray but other than a bout of pneumonia, Einstein showed few signs of being ill. The tumors were very small and several attempts at needle biopsy were unsuccessful. The tumors were unresponsive to chemotherapy and they also grew very little from July until mid-October. When Einstein took a turn for the worse in mid-November, an ultrasound revealved what was first thought to be new masses in his abdomen. Necropsy revealed that what was originally identified per ultrasound as abdominal masses was actually a very swollen gall bladder due to a totally obstructed bile duct. This is likely what caused Einstein's abdomen to fill with fluid and him to become so very sick his last week necessitating our decision to help him to the Bridge.



Einstein as a Veteran

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