17 May 2004
"Classic Car" litter


Ch Bayley van de Weyenberg x Ivanhoe vom Schafersgrund


Name Orthopedic Results Other Health Tests  
Hickory's She's a Duesey aka "Duesey"

OFA Good Hips
OFA Clear Elbows

Clear CERF in '04, '05, '06
OFA Cardiac Certified
OFA Thyroid Certified

Duesey is a Hickory kid. She became Hickory's fifth home bred Champion and Bayley's third Champion kid (all from the same litter) in June of 2007.

On the road to her Championship, Duesey took several Best puppy awards, 2 Puppy group placements, and 4th in Sweeps at the '05 BMDCA National Specialty in Gettysburg, PA, and BOB win over Specials for her second major.

Duesey is a big girl with tons of bone and substance. She has a beautiful head and structure much like her mother.

Duesey will be bred to a European male in the Fall/early winter of 2007.

Hickory's All Tuckered Out aka "Tucker"

OFA Prelim Excellent Hips and Clear Elbows

OFA Good Hips and Clear Elbows

Clear CERF in '04 and '05, '06 and '07

Tucker finished his Championship in May of 2007. He is Bayley's second Champion kid (from this litter and overall), and Hickory's 4th Home Bred Champion. Tucker may be finished but not quite Tuckered Out just yet. He's very busy living the life of a king on our good friend Elaine's couch in Mississippi where he will be staying. Much gratitude goes to Elaine Gunn for showing and giving my furry love muffin a great home and life.

Hickory's Little Duece Coupe aka "Cooper"
OFA Excellent Hips
Clear Elbows
Clear CERF in '04 Cooper lives in Washington state and spends his days hanging with his parents Sheri and Ray and a little Berner brother named Butler (a Seri x Volmar son).
Hickory's Pink Thunderbird aka "T"

OFA Good Hips and Clear Elbows

Bi-Lateral Shoulder OCD

Clear CERF in '04
OFA Cardiac

T was only shown a handful of times. It's a shame her owner won't do more with her because she's a lovely girl .
Ch Hickory's Stutz her Stuff aka "Sophie"

OFA Prelim Good Hips
Prelim Clear Elbows

OFA Final Good Hips
No Final Elbows listed on OFA so ??

Punctate Cataract in '06

OFA Thryroid
OFA Cardiac

Sophie Strutted her Stuff to her Championship at just under 18 months of age, just like her Mom. She's Hickory's 2nd Champion and Bayley's first Champion kid.

Thank you to Megan for showing a Hickory kid to her title.

Hickory's Willie Rolls In aka "Willie" OFA Good Hips
OFA Clear Elbows
Clear CERF in '04 Willie lives outside Boston with his Mom Joan and his best friend Ernie, a Burmese cat. He is training in competitive obedience and drafting and recently decided to give conformation a try. Joan tried to have a handler show Willie but he only had eyes for his Mom. Joan and Willie braved the ring for the first time together and I'm told did quite well for first timers.

Look for Willie on the New England show circuit in the fall of 2007.
Hickory's Shelby Cobra Mustang aka "Baron" OFA Prelim Excellent Hips, Clear Elbows Clear CERF in '04 and '05
with notation of extroversion of the 3rd eye lid
Baron is a family dog living the mountain dog lifestyle in Denver, Colorado.