About Us and Our Breeding Philosophy

 Our three breeding girls, Aiyana, Serendipity and Bayley, are all imports from carefully selected European lines. Just because a dog is an import, DOES NOT necessarily mean it is a better or healthier dog. We know many people that have essentially been duped by that notion. We, however, have been very impressed in what we have found in health, temperament, longevity and type in the European lines our dogs come from.

Amy has been fortunate enough to travel to Europe several times to meet breeders and select breeding stock. Amy has met and "put her hands on" not only the parents to all our dogs, but often other relatives including grandparents, siblings, aunts, uncles and cousins. Amy has also had the privilege to meet a Great Grandparent to both Seri and Bayley. In most cases, the parents and even Grandparents of our imports have passed the breeding tests of their respective counties which entails not only an assessment of Exterior (type) but also a rigorous Karacter (temperament) test.

We work closely with the breeders of our girls in Europe in choosing the right mates for our girls. We owe much thanks to Terry Oudshoorn and his family of the Buut Vrij Hoeve kennel in the Netherlands for breeding our Serendipity and all Terry has done in helping us establish our breeding program and his continued support and role as our mentor. We are also very grateful to Bea Vanden Driessche of the Weyenberg kennel in Belgium for breeding Aiyana and Bayley and trusting us with these wonderful girls.

We recognize the years of hard work, heart and soul that Terry Oudshoorn, Bea Vanden Driessche, Dan Hansen (of the Herletta kennel on Denmark, breeder Herletta's Nimbus, Bayley's sire and Herletta's Kallahan, Seri's Grandsire, the dogs we attribute much of these girls' outstanding types to) and others have put into their dogs and establishing their lines. We hope to continue the tradition they have set of producing exceptional dogs in health and temperament while maintaining appropriate type. We promise to always strive to do the best we can to build on this and produce the best Bernese Mountain Dogs we can.

Amy would also like to extend her thanks to Eur-Am Berner Sennehund, the kennel Curie and Einstein came from.

It is regrettable that we were never able to successfully breed Curie as she is Amy's first Berner and an amazing working dog. For Amy, Curie is the greatest dog ever and inspiration for all of this. Curie doesn't seem to miss the fact she never had puppies and seems perfectly happy in her role as Auntie Curie, teacher of manners and all things important in the Hickory Berner house and she never even had to lose her girly figure! We were hoping to have Curie finish her Championship in 2004 and we were getting very close with her 3 point major win in September and her 2 point win in October .. not bad for a 6 year old girl that we have never "focussed" on showing. Curie has really only been shown on and off and really has only been going "along for the ride" to shows as she enjoys showing. Despite that we were usually foccussed on Seri or Bayley, Curie managed to pick up 11 points this past year and has beaten both Seri and Bayley on a few occassions. She even took BOS as a class dog over Bayley as a Special. Unfortunately, Curie's frequent heat cycles were getting more and more difficult on her so we had Curie spayed the day before Christmas. This was a difficult decision for us as she was so very close to finishing her Championship (only needing that last major) but it was the right decision for Curie which is the most important thing. Regardless, Curie will always be a Champion in our hearts and minds and the many other lives she has touched! Who knows, without the frequent breaks in training for her frequent heat cycles and hormonal issues, we may even be able to talk this exceptionally smart (and wee bit stubborn) girl into cooperating in the obedience ring and actually showing off what she can do. We will also be able focuss on the other things Curie enjoys: drafting, agility, herding, being a Therapy dog, and chasing down all the critters that make the mistake of wandering onto her farm (maybe we can harness that trait into some tracking work).

Einstein is our first Champion as well as the resident goofball and perpetual puppy of the house, and the light of Amy's life. He is a very special boy and much like Curie, has made an impression on many people that have met him. Einstein is a treasure himself and that fact that he is a very close "cousin" to Curie is just an added bonus. With Einstein in our breeding program, Curie's genes are not necessarily lost to us and Curie's legacy will live on, at least in a way, through Einstein's children. Einstein has already given us some wonderful puppies and may be used again for breeding in the future on a very limited and selective basis, of course.

Past Litters:
Hickory's first litter: Aiyana van de Weyenberg was bred to Ch Eur-Am's Einstein Baer
This mating resulted in 4 pups, 2 males and 2 females, on 16 February 2004.
Click here to see pics of Hickory's "Baer" litter.

Ch Bayley van de Weyenberg was bred to Ch Eur-Am's Einstein Baer
3 male and 3 female pups were born on October 10, 2003.
Click here to see pics of Hickory's "Harry Potter" litter.

Seri, Aiyana and Amy went to the Netherlands in November of 2003 for breeding. Seri was successfully bred to Barancourt van de Weyenberg, a beautiful boy that happens to be Bayley's littermate. Aiyana was bred to Mozart vom Burgseeli a lovely Dutch dog. Mozart is a half brother to Seri and recently took BISS in England, continuing the BISS tradition set by their father, 2 Time BISS and American Champion Ealey v.d. Buut Vrij Hoeve. We'd like to extend our appreciation to Mozart's breeder, Silvia Schmocker of the Burgseeli kennel, and Baran's owners, Karla and Bert of the van t'Rijkenspark kennel, for letting us breed to their wonderful boys and their assistance with these breedings. We choose these pairings very carefully and have high hopes for these litters. We also have to thank our favorite Dutch tour guide, Terry Oudshoorn of the Buut Vrij Hoeve kennel, for his hospitality, continued advice and guidance and most of all for his friendship. We love you Terry!!

2004 Litters:

Aiyana's breeding to Mozart was not successful.

Seri and Baran's breeding resulted in 6 beautiful pups .. 5 males and 1 female on 14 January 2004. Click here to see pics of Hickory's "Hockey" Litter.

We took Bayley to Eastern Germany to be bred to Ivanhoe vom Schafersgrund, a beautiful male with the longest lived pedigree we have ever seen in a Berner.
This mating resulted in 7 pups, 4 males and 3 females on 17 May 2004.
Click here to see pics of Hickory's "Classic Car" Litter.

Aiyana was bred to Seri's littermate, Alex.

This mating resulted in 2 male pups on 14 June 2004.

Future Litters:

Seri was bred to Bauernhofs Volmar. Pups are due in early October.




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