All About Nimbus


Nimbus' name has a dual meaning. First, the theme for his litter was "Harry Potter" and one of the magical brooms in the book is called the Nimbus 2000. Next and more importantly, he is named after Bayley's sire, Nimbus' Grandsire, Herletta's Nimbus who just happens to be one of my favorite dogs of all times. Our guy was born in 2003 hence 2K3 .. we hoped our guy would become the 2003 version of his Grandsire.

In our house, we refer to Herletta's Nimbus as the "big" or "original" Nimbus. The big guy is one of the most outstanding dogs in type I have had the privilege of laying my eyes one and I feel very fortunate to have an offspring of his as a foundation for my breeding program so it seemed very fitting to name such an outstanding puppy after him.

Both the original Nimbus and his daughter Bayley have excelled in the show ring. The big Nimbus has a list of Championships and Specialty show wins to make your head spin. Both Bayley and her littermate Barancourt van de Weyenberg are also excelling in the show ring and racking up awards and accomplishments of their own. We had hoped that our "little Nimbus" (which makes people chuckle because the "little" guy was 100 pounds at 6 months of age) would do his namesake proud. Things were looking very promising when little Nimbus took back to back Winner's Dog's wins on his 6 month birthday and the following day, however, it quickly became apparent that the show ring was just not the thing for our little big man.

Nimbus is a substantial and beautiful boy with great bone, wonderful structure (a butt like his Mom's and an amazing forechest), he is missing something .. the show dog attitude and sparkle. Nimbus adores people and going out in public but it is obvious that he views showing as a chore and would much rather work the crowd ringside than strut his stuff in the ring. He is also the biggest baby boy you'd ever seen. When I'm in the show ring with someone else, the big guy cries like his heart is breaking. He moves very nicely OUTSIDE the show ring, but once he walks between those poles, he alternates between moving like a slug to being a totally goofy guy, bouncing all over the place.

I am adamantly opposed to forcing a dog to do something they do not want to do. The fact that he didn't like to show, nor could his poor heart seem to handle HIS Mom in the show ring with someone else, led me to make the very difficult decision to leave Nimbus in Minnesota with a cousin. Nimbus is now an only dog with a stay at home doggie Mom who reports that he is like a piece of very large furniture that move around the house. He has endeared himself to everyone in the neighborhood, especially the children. I think they would hunt me down and hurt me if I ever thought of taking Nimbus away from them. The last time I visited, I brought his big sis Alinghi with. As I was going to leave, seeing a Berner in the van, a little neighbor girl came darting over from across the street on the verge of tears asking where I was taking Nimbus.

Nimbus has continued to grow of course and perhaps one day he will grow up emotionally as well and we will try throwing him in the show ring once again. Regardless, the most important thing for me is that Nimbus and all my furry kids for that matter are happy, loved and well cared for. It's hard to accept that the best place for them might not always be with me and it's heartbreaking to let them go but again, their happiness comes first.