Hickory's "Harry Potter" Litter
Going Home Pics -- 9 Weeks Old

Photo Journal


Week 1

Week 2

Week 3.5

Week 5.5

Week 6/7 Group Pics

Week 3 Group Pics

Pics with Mom

Newborn Pics

now "Myles"
the Demnick Family, New Jersey

Hickory's Albus Dumbledore

now "Nimbus"
(In honor of his Grandsire)
Still a Hickory Kid

Hickory's Nimbus 2K3

now "Moki"
the Clack Family, Bloomfield Hills, MI

Hickory's Muggle Management

Now "Heidi"

the McGovern Family
Kalamazoo, Michigan

Hickory's Chamber of Secrets

Now "Rumples"
the Hengst Family
Holland, Michigan

Hickory's Goblet of Fire

Now "Charm"
The Peltkey Family
Hickory Corners, Michigan

Hickory's Wingardium Leviosa



SIRE: Champion Eur-Am's Einstein Baer

DAM: Champion Bayley van de Weyenberg